Knee Replacement in Mexico

American and Canadian medical tourists are largely opting for knee replacement in Mexico. Because of Mexico’s proximity to these North American countries, it can boast of numerous Knee Structureexcellent Mexican doctors who were trained (and even currently practice) in the US. Its internationally-accredited hospitals house facilities that can easily rival those of its neighbours.

Apart from Mexico, people looking for affordable options also visit India for Knee surgery.

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Also called knee arthroscopy, knee replacement surgery is done by replacing structures in the knee with artificial parts, or prostheses to relieve pain and improve knee mobility. Orthopaedic surgeons usually discourage this to be done except as a last resort, after medication and physical therapy have proven not to help the condition. It may be classified as partial or total, depending on which structures are replaced in the knee.

Indications and Qualifications

North Americans suffering from osteoarthritis, bone or joint trauma and injuries and who are refused surgery by their orthopaedic surgeons usually turn to other countries for help in alleviating their pain. Some patients who are not deemed qualified in their country turn to Mexico for knee replacement. Some of the indications and qualifications for knee arthroscopy are:

  • Age and general health
  • Knee joint health
  • Other treatment plans already undertaken
  • Lifestyle

Mexico Medical Tourism

  • Mexico has some of the best orthopaedic surgeons in America.
  • Hospitals in Mexico follow international standards and are used to dealing with international patientsCancun - Mexico
  • Aside from the low cost of knee replacement surgery itself in Mexico, its low cost of living also makes everything else cheaper: hospital and medical fees, hotel accommodations, transportation, shopping, etc.
  • For patients interested in prolonging their holiday, there are many tourist spots in the country to visit
  • Various medical tourism agencies have ties to hotels and transportation arrangements who regularly deal with their international clients, so lower rates can be negotiated when working with them on the trip.
  • Hospitals are available very near the US-Mexican border
  • With the help of such medical tourism companies, knee replacement in Mexico can both be planned as a short surgery trip or an extended vacation.

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